First of all, we love children! This motivated us to look for an international partner through which we can bring to Romania the highest quality playgrounds, which respect all EU safety certifications for the little ones.

Our main clients are public and private institutions that aim to arrange complex playgrounds, both at macro and micro level.

Experience has also shown us that the demand can be just as high from individuals, so if you are thinking of arranging the whole yard for the little ones, let us inspire you!

TuttoGonfiabili, is our partner factory, based in Italy. Not only does it produce all these playgrounds, but it also designs them, using exclusively materials that comply with industry regulations.

We do our best to adapt to the requirements of our consumers, so that you can find playgrounds for any age, even adults. We must not forget to play, so we challenge you to join the little ones!


On our website you will find not only inflatable games for the little ones, but also trampolines, swings and any other pieces with which you can furnish a unique playroom, or an entire complex, playground for the little ones.

We have a passionate team that will assist you 360 degrees, from the first contact, to consulting, recommendations, ordering and installation.

The quality of the materials and the speed from the logistical point of view differentiate us from the competition.

The size of the factory and the experience of years allow us to deliver the products anywhere in the world in a very short time.

Contact our team and let's bring a smile together on the faces of the little ones!

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